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Commission Page

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! ♡See below for examples of artworks & their prices. You can find my commission rules at the bottom of this page.If you wish to commission me, feel free to shoot me a message via Instagram DM's or e-mail me at [email protected]

Terms  of   Service

✧ Please read these carefully before commissioning me! ✧

General rules

✦ You are purchasing a digital file, not printed art.
✦ Commissions are for personal use only. For commercial enquiries, please view my Commercial Use Rules (at the bottom of this page). You can also send me an e-mail at [email protected].
✦ Payment must be done up-front and through PayPal. For Dutchies: you can also pay me through Tikkie.
✦ I prefer to draw girls, but feel free to ask me to draw other stuff as well. OC's and fanart are fine!
✦ I will ask you to discuss your artwork preferences with me thoroughly before I start. I will note them for myself, so please have a clear idea of what you want, and do not stray from your idea once you have given me an assignment to work on. Pictures or detailed descriptions of what you want are very welcome, please have them ready before you order! ♡
✦ Props, pets or complicated designs/backgrounds may cost extra.
✦ I will provide you with progress shots throughout the duration of your commission. You get to request changes during the sketching process if you wish. This is to make sure you are happy with the end result!
✦ If commissioned for fanart of an existing series or franchise, I reserve the right to sell the artwork at any given point, such as prints or in art books.
✦ I have the right to refuse your commission within reason.

Payment Info

✦ Payments are done through PayPal and in Euro’s only. For fellow Dutchies: you can also pay me through Tikkie.
✦ Payment must be done up-front. I will not start your commission before that.
✦ If you want any drastic changes after significant progress on your art, this will cost you an extra fee depending on the complexity and how far into completion I am. This is to make up for lost time I have spent.
✦ Refunds are only possible before I start working on your commission. If you want a refund after I've started or halfway through, I will refuse as I've already put work, time & effort into your commission.


✦ Average time for me to finish your commission is 3-6 weeks (depending on the complexity of the artwork and your feedback). If I ever anticipate taking longer I'll be sure to inform you as soon as I can.
✦ Deadlines can be discussed, a deadline depends on the complexity of your commission and the amount of time I have to put in it.
✦ Please do not rush me. I do art as a side job and as a hobby. Do not expect me to have your assignment ready right away. If you can not wait, do not request a commission from me.

Other things

✦ Feel free to upload the finished artwork to your social media/websites/etc and show it off! I would very much appreciate it if you credit me whenever appropriate. That way, people who may see it can find my art too! ♡
✦ You may not sell my artwork or claim credit for it.
✦ You may not remove my signature from any artwork.
✦ By asking me for a commission, you are accepting these rules.
✦ Please understand that rules like these are necessary for artists. There are dishonest people that will try to work around rules or payment in order to take advantage of artists, these rules are to prevent that from happening.
✦ If you have any questions about these rules, please feel free to send me a message on Instagram or via e-mail: [email protected].

Commercial  Use  Rules

✧ Please read these carefully before commissioning me! ✧

What is commercial use?

A commission made for commercial use means it is an artwork that you want to use for merchandise you intend to sell. Examples are: prints, shirts, mugs, etc. If you request one of these, it means I will charge an extra fee depending on your intent with the artwork. Read below for the 3 commercial use options I offer.

Option 1

You want to use this commission for only 1 specific thing (for example printed on x amount of shirts) and nothing else. I'm adding an extra fee for allowing you to sell my art on these items. If you want to put it on other products later, you will have to get permission from me again. This option includes an extra fee of 150% the commission price.

Option 2

You want to use this commission for many different merch items going forward (such as stickers, prints, shirts). I'm adding an extra fee to let you use the image indefinitely on multiple products. This option includes an extra fee of 200% the commission price.

Option 3

You want full exclusive rights to your commission. You can use and license it however you want. I charge a high fee for signing over full ownership of an artwork. This option means I no longer own the artwork in any way and it is fully yours. This option includes an extra fee of 300% the commission price.

Further notes

✦ Options 1 and 2 mean I still reserve the right to sell, post or showcase your commission artwork under my name at any given point. Such as prints or in art books. Option 3 means I no longer have this right, as you have bought ownership of the image.
✦ If you want to use this commission artwork to be printed on items in the future, please disclose so with me. It might be beneficial for you if I create the artwork in CMYK colour settings instead of RGB. This is because CMYK colour settings give you a result closer to what the artwork's colours will look like when being printed with ink instead of being shown on a digital screen with light (RGB).
✦ Whichever option you choose, it is still greatly appreciated to credit the artist whenever and wherever you post my artwork or use it (for example as a profile pic). Thank you! ♡

Why do I have to pay to use your artwork? Isn't it mine because I bought a commission?

A lot of people don’t know a lot about licensing. Most will assume that if they pay to commission an illustration, they own the artwork and can do anything they want with it. This is not the case with artistic works: a musician will be paid every time their song is played on for example a radio station. When the radio station buys the rights to play the song, it doesn't buy copyright to the song, but pays a license fee to use it. As such, illustrators should be paid every time their illustration is used. Illustration adds value to magazines, books, websites, merchandise or whatever else it is used for.

✧ Thank you for reading and understanding. ✧
Please e-mail me if you have any further questions!